Top 10 Horror-Filled Anime To Watch This Halloween

The most magical event of the year, Halloween is just around the corner and people are eagerly waiting for the clock to strike at midnight on October 31st. Pumpkins, candy, oddly interesting costumes, and the usual trick-or-treating will all be back as usual with some form of drama. But if you are an anime enthusiast, there is still one thing you are missing and that is anime to watch this Halloween.

No matter what the occasion, it is a great source of entertainment and always makes it easy for the hosts to lift the spirits of friends and family attending the ceremony. Importantly, when it comes to anime, there are dozens of genres, including horror and crime thriller, that seems more appropriate for a week devoted entirely to Halloween.

And in today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best anime to watch this Halloween with your friends, family, or maybe your significant other. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

10. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai Japanese Ghost Stories

Junji Ito fans will be happy to learn more about the show as it explores a variety of Japanese horror stories. Yamishibai is told from the perspective of a creepy masked man who comes to a playground and urges children to gather to hear his stories. Each Yamishibai episode was animated to emulate the Kamishibai storytelling pattern.
The series is divided into a collection of short films, with each installment telling a different story based on Japanese origin myths and urban legends. This includes exploring the nature of talismans, family traditions, and even popular figures such as the eight-foot-tall woman. With almost ten seasons going on, this anime-inspired by Japanese mythology is still going strong.

9. Shiki


Shiki is a Japanese horror novel written by Fuyumi Ono that you should definitely read if you are looking for anime to watch this Halloween. The series tells the sad story of survival in a world where it is not easy to differentiate between good and evil. The mysterious death of Megumi Shimizu, a young woman in the city of Sotoba, marks the beginning of a scorching summer in a time of blood and terror.
At first, a young doctor, Toshio Ozaki, suspects that there is a violent epidemic, but he soon learns that it is the work of vampire-like structures called “Shiki”. Toshio then teams up with an antisocial young man, Natsuno, to work together to save Sotoba before it turns into a ghost town of vampires.

8. Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun is a light horror anime series that follows a high school student, Nene Yashiro, who desires a boyfriend. In fact, he even summons a mysterious spirit, the “Hanko-san of the toilet”, who can grant any wish at the right cost. Conversely, he learns that Hanako-san is actually a boy and not a girl as rumored.
So she becomes his assistant and works with him to fight evil spirits and maintain a balance between the spiritual world and the human world. Interestingly, the “Hanako-san of the toilet” is a popular Japanese legend about a girl named Hanako-san who frequents the girls’ toilet in high schools. The anime capitalized on this unfounded belief and kept the same theme.

7. Higurashi: When They Cry

Higurashi When They Cry

Higurashi’s When They Cry is a crime drama set in 1983. The series focuses on a group of young friends living in the fictional town of Hinamizawa and the strange events that take place there in 1983. Within days of moving to Hinamizawa, Keiichi Mebara begins to notice small oddities in the lives of his villagers.
Then, he eventually discovers a mysterious disappearance in the city and a connection between the murders and the annual Town Festival. An increasingly paranoid Keiichi vows to get to the bottom of this mystery. With the help of Rika Furude, the only witness to all the tragedies, he tries to find a way out without knowing whether there is one or not.

6. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is a classic dark shonen series featuring one of the most talented shooters in the anime verse, Alucard. The series revolves around the Helsing organization whose main objective is to track down and destroy the undead and other evil supernatural forces that threaten the country and the Queen of England.
Led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Winget’s Helsing, the organization delves into case studies of Nazi remnants known as the “Millennium” that threaten the security of England. With the help of Alucard, the original and most powerful vampire, the faction begins an all-out war to defend England from a war-crazed SS commander who wants to start an eternal war with his army of vampires.

5. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is a dark fantasy anime series based on the interactions between humans and a mutant species. The gripping plot and ruthless action make this a critically acclaimed series and a must-see anime this Halloween. The anime is set around the Diclonius Research Institute, also known as the National Research Institute on Human Evolution, which was created for the sole purpose of studying a mysterious species known as Diclonius.
It’s a cruel entity, certainly a forbidden place in the anime universe, that seeks to control humanity’s psychoanalytic development by any means necessary. The goal is to create more diclones and ensure that they outshine humans and take their place as the dominant species on Earth. If you are faint at heart, you may want to avoid this anime as excessive gore, violence, and nudity are common occurrences throughout the series.

4. Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte The Maxim

His popular anime Parasite: The Maxim by Madhouse Studios is known for its body horror themes and sci-fi elements. Parasyte is dark from the start and has many terrifying scenes that can be disturbing for anyone. The original manga was originally released in the early 1990s and is one of the few anime restricted to the public in China.
Parasyte is the story of a 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi who is partially infected by a space parasite that kills and eats humans. To survive, he must learn to coexist with the creature and live the life of a parasite and human. The good thing about this anime is that it never falters because of its plot and it keeps on developing with more intense moments.

3. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby is a Netflix original anime series based on Go Nagai’s Devilman manga series. The series premiered in 2018 and attracted the attention of many fans as it revolved around themes of puberty, sexuality, and love. This is one of those good anime that has an immortal protagonist who deliberately emphasizes the grave danger facing humanity.
Originally a human, Akira Fudo became a devil through the efforts of his best friend, Ryo Asuka. But because of Akira’s pure heart, he acquires the demon’s powers, memories, strength, and will to fight, while maintaining his human consciousness. Now a creature with the body of a demon but a human mind, Akira vows to save his former people from hordes of demons intent on destroying humanity.

2. Corpse Party

Corpse Party

The name itself can scare one’s face, and the Zombies Party anime adaptation is up to the task. Although the plot of the anime is built around school life, it has nothing to do with the daily curriculum activities. Based on a survival horror game, Corps Party portrays themes of redemption, sacrifice, and past life forms with an element of horror.
Nine students gather at their high school to say goodbye to a friend. At midnight, they perform a ritual with the paper dolls so that they remain friends forever. Oddly enough, the students are transported to the spirit world, where they meet the spirits of the school’s slain students. Trapped in another dimension, they must work together to get out or be killed one by one.

1. Another


The list of anime to watch this Halloween is incomplete without others. Another is a mystery horror novel by Yukito Ayatsuji that received an anime television series in 2012. The series follows the life of Koichi Sakakibara, who is promoted to grades 3–3 at Yomiyama North High School. Upon arrival, the class is involved in a strange incident involving the deaths of the students and their families.
Sakakibara investigates and concludes that the death streaks are related to the “1972 Misaki” curse, an annual disaster that has terrified Classes 3–3 since 1972. Along with a strange student named Mei Misaki, Sakakibara tries to find a solution. To save the lives of this massacre and other students.
Which of the following anime will you watch this Halloween? Feel free to comment with your thoughts and be sure to recommend other anime like the ones listed above. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your otaku friends.
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