Blue Lock Debuts First Ending: Watch

Blue Lock Debuts First Ending: Watch

The Blue Lock anime already has a few episodes under its belt, and the series is celebrating this new milestone, finally giving fans a full look at its final themed sequel! The Fall 2022 anime schedule is now a few weeks away, and that means fans are getting their first glimpse of several new series to come in the coming months. There have already been a few standouts, but one major sports series, thanks to its successful premiere, seems poised to dominate this aspect of fantasy from now on.

Blue Lock really surprised fans with the premiere, setting it apart from any other sports-action series they could use and setting themselves up for a pretty interesting debut season. This continued for the first two episodes, which changed things, with the third episode continuing for its first season with the full start of its first closing theme sequence. You can watch the first sequence of Blue Lock’s closing theme below, titled “Winner,” performed by Shugo Nakamura:


What is Blue lock?

Blue Lock champions the single-forward mentality over the teamwork observed in other series, and as a result, this is an exceptional soccer series. It introduces fans to the main character who wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a star player for Japan’s World Cup team. He and 299 other young candidates with the same dream will now face a series of fierce challenges that will produce five of the greatest young players in Japanese history.

They make fun of Blue Lock as saying: “After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Team Japan is struggling to regroup. But what’s missing? An absolute ace striker who can lead them to victory. The Japan Soccer Federation is determined to create a striker who is hungry for goals and thirsty for victory and who can be a decisive tool to replace a lost game… and in doing so they have worked for Japan. Bringing together 300 of the best and brightest young players in the team…and will they be able to beat anyone who comes their way?

How do you like Blue Lock anime so far? What do you think of the ending theme sequence?

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