Attack on Titan Creator Inks New Sketch of the Big Three

Attack on Titan hardly needs any introduction these days. The action-packed series helped propel the anime back to prominence upon the release of the first season, and it has been a hit ever since. Now the latest series of anime episodes is on the horizon and all eyes are on Eren ahead of its release. So, of course, the makers of Attack on Titan thought it appropriate to release new pictures of their three legendary heroes.

The update comes from Hajime Isayama himself, so fans can thank the creator for the gift. As you can see below, new pictures featuring Eren and her best friends have been unveiled. And obviously there’s some kind of emotion in the fandom.

Three friends are short here as Eren introduces Armin and Mikasa. The latter is wearing his beloved red scarf, and Armin looks like he has nothing in the world to worry about. It’s honestly the most carefree moment for the trio in a long time and fans admit it’s good to watch, even if it hurts at the same time.

After all Attack on Titan knows how the story of these three friends ends. The anime sets up its final conflict as Eren devises his plan for global genocide, and the only ones who can stop him are his closest friends. The manga has already wrapped up Clash, and in true Attack on Titan fashion, it’s harrowing, to say the least. But even looking to that future, Isayama’s flashback sketch shows just how close Eren and his friends were before the colossal Titan changed his life.

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